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Save A Life Today

Pregnancy centers need your help reaching women searching for abortion online. 

Saving Lives Through Digital Marketing

Watch this video to see the difference we are making across the county. We need your support to help save more lives, just like the one in the video.

Our Approach

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👇👇 Miracle Rescue: A Tale of Two Saved Lives! (And A Soul!)

"A young couple found our pregnancy center online through Life Advancement Group’s marketing efforts. They had plans to marry soon and this pregnancy was messing up their timing.


As they each met with separate client advocates, they were very surprised to learn about early fetal development. They were also shocked about abortion procedures.


The young woman was open to hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ and surrendered her life to Christ.


Still, she saw no option but abortion. After meeting with the client advocates they went in together for the ultrasound. They were fascinated by the image of their tiny 7-week baby. Then they saw the second! Two beautiful babies, side by side, with strong heartbeats!


Together they agreed, “We can’t kill our babies!” They both expressed so much gratitude for finding our pregnancy center instead of the abortion clinic that day!”


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