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Life-Giving Stories

Saving babies from the tragedy of life at a time.

Jason & Rosa's

Life Decision

A young couple came to us through the Life Lead app from Life Advancement Group.  They had plans to marry soon and this pregnancy was messing up their timing.  As they each met with separate client advocates, they were very surprised to learn about early fetal development.  They were also shocked about abortion procedures.  The young woman was open to hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ and surrendered her life to Christ. Still, she saw no option but abortion.


After meeting with the client advocates they went in together for the ultrasound. They were fascinated by the image of their tiny 7-week baby.  Then they saw the second! Two beautiful babies, side by side with strong heartbeats. "We can’t kill our babies!”


They both expressed so much gratitude for finding Crossroads instead of the abortion clinic that day!

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Abby had just taken a pregnancy test and was in shock. She and her fiance were careful to watch her cycle and she even had taken Plan B, the morning-after pill, just in case. As she searched for abortion clinics near her she found our ad and decided to send a message - not expecting someone would be available to talk to her at 11pm.


She told me she hated the idea of abortion but she had no other choice. They already had 2 young children and their relationship was not in a good place and their finances were in even worse shape. She explained that he had kicked her out twice and that her parents would not want to support a 3rd baby.


Abby came in on Monday morning. We talked over her obstacles, slowed her mind, gave her some simple abortion education and showed her the heartbeat of her tiny 5-week baby. She left and then sent this text. "I'm really so glad I came to you before I just called a clinic. I'm going to keep the baby. I appreciate everything."


Baby Issie

Life Decision

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Baby Hayden


Life Decision

We had a young first-time mom who reached out to us through Life Lead and was very determined to have an abortion. She felt she was too young to be a parent and too unstable. It took her a long time to tell her family about her pregnancy, she was dreading telling anyone. When she did, everyone in her life wanted her to abort, including the father of the baby. Her own stepmother revealed that she had several abortions many years ago. Because of all this pressure and judgment, she felt left utterly alone in making this decision.


After three ultrasound appointments, she decided to keep her baby. She said she had a dream about the baby and then decided she wanted to be a mom. We’ve been helping her with material support ever since. Her precious baby was born this summer and they both are doing well! 

Early in the day, we received a new lead from Life Advancement Group with this comment, "This is for my 15-year-old daughter and she doesn’t want this right now in her life...”


We called her immediately. An hour later mom and daughter were in the clinic. The daughter met with a client advocate who went over all the usual materials...fetal development, abortion, parenting, adoption, and resources. The girl was adamant, “I don’t want a baby right now!” Her mom met with another client advocate and went over similar materials. She said, “This is my daughter’s decision. She is the baby of 8 kids. We have a huge family, including 30 grandchildren!” The ultrasound showed a very active 9-week baby. Mom and daughter were both surprised, but left saying they would be making an abortion appointment ASAP.  Imagine our shock when we received this text!


“Ms. Linda, I want to thank all of you ladies for the conversation we had today with me and my daughter." She shared that as they drove down the street, her daughter decided to keep her baby.  She cried a little thinking about how her family would look at her, and I told her, ‘Who cares?  This baby is a blessing from God and God’s got us, and I got you, too. We will make it.’ She is happy and I am so happy. So, again, thank you so much and God bless you all.”

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Baby Cassandra

Life Decision

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