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What We Do

A national survey indicates that Google is the top source of clients seeking abortion-related information, accounting for 63% of all traffic to pregnancy centers. Life Advancement Group harnesses the power of Google through targeted ads to generate appointment leads for pro-life pregnancy centers.

Reach Women. Save Babies.

The goal of our organization is simple: to provide the most cost-effective method for saving preborn babies. We do this by taking the proven digital marketing techniques of our founder's for-profit company and applying them to the pro-life cause. By partnering with pro-life pregnancy centers across the country. We effectively repress the online presence of local abortion clinics and replace it with the websites of our affiliate pregnancy centers.

Our Methods

Google Ads Management Pay Per Click

Landing Page Creation & A/B Testing

Training to Increase Schedule/Show Rate of Abortion-Minded Patients

and much more!

Are you a pregnancy center?

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