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What We Do

Reach Women. Save Babies.

Life Advancement Group harnesses the power of Google through targeted ads to generate appointment leads for pro-life pregnancy centers. Research shows that 80% of women considering abortion choose life for their baby after visiting a pregnancy center and seeing their baby on an ultrasound screen. A national survey indicates that Google is the top source of clients seeking abortion-related information, with 85% of all pregnancy centers reporting it as their most effective form of marketing.

Our strategic approach involves leveraging state-of-the-art digital marketing to reach and support women contemplating abortion, connecting them seamlessly with local pregnancy help centers. Not only do we bridge this gap, but we also bolster these centers' capabilities through top-notch training on marketing techniques, communication and client relations.


Our Methods

Google Ads Management Pay Per Click

Landing Page Creation & A/B Testing

Training to Increase Schedule/Show Rate of Abortion-Minded Patients

and much more!

Are you a pregnancy center?

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