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Undermining Life:Abortion Access Front

By: Allie Roehl

In the ongoing debate surrounding abortion rights, various groups and organizations have developed resources and strategies to support abortion services and oppose the work of pregnancy help centers. This article exposes the initiatives targeting pregnancy help centers (PHC) emanating from Abortion Access Front (Abortion AF, AAF), the role of independent abortion clinics, and the controversies surrounding "fake clinics." By comprehending the approaches used by those supporting abortion rights, PHCs can better equip themselves with accurate information, counter arguments, and support networks to uphold their values and provide comprehensive care to women facing unplanned pregnancies.


Abortion Access Front (Abortion AF or AAF) is one of the champions of the pro-abortion movement. Even a cursory glance at their website showcases that this organization is not merely satisfied with the propagation of abortion-related information, legislation, and services, but are determined to undermine the credibility of and target pregnancy help centers. Below are listed some of the key takeaways from the efforts from AAF.

  1. Abortion AF’s Toolkit:

  • Targeting Pregnancy Centers: Abortion AF provides a comprehensive toolkit designed to expose and critique pregnancy centers. This includes guides on how to review centers negatively on platforms like Yelp or Google, influencing public perception. They perform concerted efforts to mobilize pro-abortion advocates to leave “accurate” reviews that cast centers in a negative light.

  • Educational Resources: The toolkit includes free resources ranging from printable stickers to webinars. The "Operation Save Abortion" webinars discuss topics such as reproductive justice, supporting independent clinics, accessing care, and effective protesting techniques. They also maintain a campaign series titled “Hypocrisy Unmasked,” which is dedicated to the “unmasking” of events such as 40 Days for Life and March for Life. These provide guides on how to peacefully disrupt these events and salacious misrepresentations of the events themselves.

  1. Supporting Independent Abortion Clinics:

  • According to the Guttmacher Institute, independent abortion clinics performed 58% of abortion procedures in 2021, including the majority of procedures after 22 weeks and all procedures post-26 weeks. These clinics play a crucial role, especially in states where abortion is heavily regulated. They host webinars similar to the ones aforementioned Tuesday-Saturday weekly.

  • While the majority of AAF’s efforts seem to center around going after PHCs, they also emphasize the importance monetarily and publicly supporting abortion clinics. They offer QR codes which direct people to donate funding for abortions for individuals. Additionally, they give guidelines for effective social media campaigns.

  1. Training for Abortion Provider Escorts:

  • Guides and toolkits provide tips for picketing outside centers and conducting peaceful disruptions. These resources include printable flyers for use in demonstrations and training on how to become an escort for patients to block them off from pro-life advocates near abortion clinics.

  1. Disparaging the Abortion Pill Reversal Network

  • The AAF promulgates the notion that Abortion Pill Reversal is illegitimate from a scientific and medical vantage point. In their efforts to promote the abortion pill, both entities decry abortion pill reversal, challenging the safety and efficacy of the reversal. Advocacy groups argue that the reversal is "illegitimate, unsafe, and unproven," and host webinars to educate about the pill, particularly mifepristone. These organizations consistently downplay the risk related to any abortion methods, particularly the pill.

In the ongoing debate over reproductive rights, it is crucial for life advocates to stay informed about the strategies and activities of opposing groups. By understanding the tactics and communications of organizations such as Abortion AF (AAF), centers dedicated to pregnancy support can enhance their preparedness. This knowledge equips them to robustly defend their integrity against criticism and ensure that their practices and messaging adhere to the highest ethical standards. Despite targeted campaigns aimed at discrediting centers and influencing decisions towards abortion, it's important to recognize that pregnancy help centers significantly outnumber abortion providers in the U.S., with a ratio of approximately 3:1. Looking ahead, a forthcoming article will delve into the inner workings of the expose fake clinics campaigns, providing invaluable insight into the ongoing efforts and strategies employed by both sides of the debate.


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