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The Intentional Purpose & Order of the Modern Options Consultation

There are three main purposes to a pregnancy options consultation.

Purpose 1: Counsel

The consultation provides a safe space for the client to work out the difficult emotions that she is experiencing about the pregnancy decision. Giving her a place where she can ask questions and get answers from a trustworthy source is very important to her. Talking through things will help her to identify the obstacles she is facing; both emotional and practical. Then we encourage her, give her resources and provide direction to overcome those hurdles.

Purpose 2: Education

The consultation should provide her with accurate, unbiased education on all three options. She cannot make an educated, informed decision without the correct information. So we provide her with education about the development of her baby, what happens before, during and after abortion, what risks abortion carries, the basics of how modern adoption works, and what parenting support and resources are available for her in the community. Armed with this new information, she begins to move past obstacles and fears.

Purpose 3: Ultrasound

The final part of the consultation is the ultrasound, and it will provide her with that last piece of information she needs. An ultrasound on its own may show the reality of a life growing inside her, and it may even speak to her heart, but by itself, is not enough to win her over. However, when you offer counsel, education, and an ultrasound together your effectiveness in changing her heart increases by leaps and bounds.

Not only is each part of the consultation significant, the order in which it is conducted is important. Here's why: The emotional council speaks to her heart and offers hope. The education speaks to her intellect and gives her a sense of empowerment. Then, seeing her baby on the ultrasound confirms proof of life and speaks to her soul awaking her nurturing instincts and truly empowering her to choose life!


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