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Strategies for Decreasing No-Show Appointments Part 2: Employing Simple Solutions

In last week’s tips, we talked about how to identify what things may be unintentionally adding to your no-show rate. In this post, we will be taking a look at some proactive strategies that can be employed to increase both your booking and show rate.

Training is Key:

Only highly trained and, intuitive people should answer the phone. Ensure that receptionists have basic answers to tough questions and concise modern scripting to take advantage of. Be professional and concise.

Watch your tone of voice and verbiage. Being to distracted, too cheerful, too demure or too desperate to make an appointment will turn her off.

Know Your Client:

Make sure you know how this specific generation learns, communicates, and functions within society. Furthermore, make sure you are well trained to easily identify if the client is abortion vulnerable, abortion minded or abortion determined so that you can steer the conversation in the direction that is right for her specific needs. Understanding how she communicates and perceiving her needs before she does will build confidence in your ability to help her.

Make the Center Valuable:

Highlight services that are in line with her requests. Don’t offer services she has no interest in over the phone. Stick to the main point, provide her with information that she will find helpful, prepare her for what to expect during an appointment and answer questions in a wise but honest way. Offering things that she is not looking for may speak to her subconscious telling her that you are biased and therefore untrustworthy.

Timing is Everything:

What you say and when you say it is more important than you think when it comes to informing her that you don’t provide abortion. Share the “no abortion” disclaimer AFTER you have helped her to see the center can help her and say it in a wise way. Sharing too soon will set a roadblock up in her mind so that even if she makes the appointment, it’s unlikely that she will not show up.

Be Available:

Respond to her missed call, text or form submission as soon as possible. You will likely loose 50% on potential leads if you don’t respond within the first hour. Give her an immediate appointment for an options consultation even if the ultrasound has to be at a later date. This way at the very least she will feel less stressed, more supported and be educated on some level. Asking her to wait a few days or a week could cause her to continue her search and may lead to her making an appointment at an abortion clinic.

Make sure she knows you are available outside of regular office hours so that she can get in-touch with questions, concerns, and appointment changes. The ability to respond quickly to a text is key to earning her trust and making her feel valued.

Confirm the Appointment & Follow Up:

Confirm the appointment by text soon after it’s made over the phone. Keep it professional and protect her privacy. If the appointment is 2-3 days out, send a reminder the afternoon before asking if she plans to come, has any questions or needs to make a change.

If she misses her appointment, reach out and let her know that you are there for her if she has any concerns or would like to reschedule.

Maintain your Digital Presence:

If you are a pregnancy medical center looking to increase appointments with abortion minded and determined women make sure your website and social media accounts are geared toward them not toward your “likely to parent” clients or donors. Look at it through their eyes and make sure it’s clean, modern, and concise. Remove pro-life, Christian language and replace it with modern life affirming wording. Take down photos of babies and pregnant bellies and replace them with contemporary photos of women and applicable medical graphics. Create separate websites and social accounts for clients and donors.

Responding to Reviews:

Promptly respond to negative reviews in a kind, courteous way that will educate those reading the reviews about the true services and intentions of the center. Report suspected fake reviews and don’t intentionally collect positive fake reviews to boost yourself.

Understanding the unique position of potential clients, making yourself available, and employing these simple strategies will enable the client to feel valued and is certain to increase your show- up rate.


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