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Why Use Scripting for Calls?

Updated: Feb 6

Utilizing modern scripting practices is a great way to ensure effective conversations with abortion shoppers. By implementing the following practices, advocates will feel more comfortable, and therefore more confident which will impact almost every conversation with potential clients.

Here are some quick tips to make the most of your initial conversations with an abortion shopper:

  • Make sure your script is modern, concise and speak specifically to the Gen Z population.

  • Practice often so that you can mix and match the different parts of the script with ease and are able to put it into your own vernacular, this way it doesn’t sound canned.

  • Utilize technology when you can. Texting and online intakes are great to keep the Gen Z client engaged and automatically make you more credible in their eyes.

  • Keep conversations professional, concise and free of pressure or expectation on the part of the client.

  • Be careful not to oversell her, rather present the services that are most inline with what she is looking for.

  • Let another staff member answer the phone if you are overly nervous or distracted. Being comfortable and prepared subconsciously makes the client feel confident that you can help her.

  • Be prepared with tools to leave the conversation open if she declines an appointment. Don’t be too desperate. Instead focus on creating a future client.

Want to learn more about effective communication tools and modern scripting? The RISE Program offers an e-course on this topic as well as live virtual consultations with your staff at an affordable price.


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