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HIPAA & Texting

Most pregnancy centers have moved into the realm of digital conversation with their potential clients over the past few years. Texting is almost always the mode of communication Gen Z prefers. Especially in a complex situation like an unexpected pregnancy. Texting with your clients, especially outside of office hours, can make them feel valued, respected and can even be the first step to earning their trust.

If you are a center who is communicating in this way with clients, you may be concerned about maintaining HIPAA compliance. And rightly so. No matter what platform you are using, you want to ensure that the following are in place to better protect your center, your staff and your Medical Director. PRC and PHO clients/patients have a reasonable expectation that all matters shared will remain private.

Here are a few things any HIPAA compliant mobile communication apps should have:

  • Desktop Version

  • Restricted Access

  • Multi-level Encryption

  • Audit Controls

  • Password Protection

  • Two- Factor Authentication

It’s also pertinent to say that no matter how amazing the HIPAA compliant platform may be, when it comes to texting, your software will always be limited. You need to be sure your conversations and communications are also HIPAA compliant. Knowing what to say and what not to say is of the utmost importance.

Lifelead is an easy to use HIPAA compliant communications app developed by Life Advancement Group with the modern PMC in mind. Since we only work with pregnancy medical centers each individual feature adds value to your center and can make communicating with clients less hectic. This leads to more timely and effective communication with abortion minded leads. Not only that, but LifeLead comes with expert training on scripting and safe, effective conversations by text. This desktop & mobile app also features automation, call recording, texting templates, scheduling, statistics, reputation management. In many cases your phone calls, form submissions, website chat widget and Google ads contacts can all be collected in one place, so you can reach her anytime and from anywhere.

Looking for a new texting software? Check out LifeLead


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