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Effective Marketing Strategies

Hello friends,

I am delighted to share a recent groundbreaking study that my organization, Life Advancement Group and several other renowned pro-life marketing organizations recently conducted. This research aimed to decipher the most effective marketing strategies for pregnancy help centers in their mission to save lives by providing alternatives to abortion. The results are not only revelatory - but instrumental in guiding the decisions and marketing approaches of pregnancy help centers worldwide.

At the heart of the pregnancy help movement lies one fundamental mission: to save lives by providing alternatives to abortion. However, to accomplish this mission, it's critical for these centers to attract and engage with those grappling with the decision of whether to continue their pregnancy - commonly referred to as "abortion-minded" or “Abortion-dermined” (AM/AD) individuals. This vital connection is what allows these centers to intervene, providing crucial support and alternatives to abortion. However, establishing this connection is not accidental - it is the fruit of calculated and effective marketing. This reality positions marketing as the bedrock upon which the success of these centers rests. Without strategic marketing, these centers cannot attract the very clients they aim to serve, and therefore cannot achieve their mission to save lives from abortion.

We embarked on this pioneering study with other esteemed collaborators—Stories Marketing, Fila Life Media, Cornerstone Marketing Solutions,, and BrightCourse—to bridge this knowledge gap. The survey involved digitally reaching out to pregnancy help centers and analyzing their responses. After meticulous examination by respected pro-life statistician Dr. Michael New, 241 valid responses were processed for this study.

What we uncovered was enlightening. Pregnancy help centers employed an array of marketing methods, from organic Facebook posting to Google Ads. However, Google Ads and Google SEO emerged as definitive leaders in effectively engaging (AM/AD) clients. Notably, 78.6% of centers that utilized Google Ads pinpointed it as their most successful strategy for reaching these clients.

The power of Google was reflected even more starkly when we delved into the percentages. Centers not utilizing Google Ads or SEO averaged only 8.65% of (AM/AD) clients, while those using SEO saw a modest increase to 11.3%. In stark contrast, centers using Google Ads averaged a staggering 29.26% of (AM/AD) clients—that's more than three times higher compared to those not employing Google Ads.

Adding another feather to Google's cap, centers that utilized Google Ads also reported higher satisfaction levels with their marketing efforts. It's clear that the use of Google Ads not only delivers results but also heightens the sense of fulfillment in the vital work our centers perform.

These findings should serve as an essential guide for all pregnancy help centers. They underscore the importance of strategic marketing, with Google Ads and SEO proving instrumental in reaching (AM/AD) individuals. By embracing these strategies, we stand to significantly boost our reach and impact, inching closer to a world where every expectant mother feels seen, heard, and supported, and more lives are saved.

Our mission is a noble one, and with the right tools, we can make a greater impact. Let's harness the power of strategic marketing and continue our life-saving work. Visit the following URL to view the entire study:

To view a quick video explanation click here: For questions, please feel free to comment here or reach out to my team and I via email at


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