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Donor Involvement: 30 Days of Prayer

Prayer is the foundation of any successful ministry. While we may have plans & strategies, they are only effective when they align with God's will. By committing all aspects of our ministry to prayer, we invite God to work in ways that will surpass our expectations.

At my center, we recognized the power of prayer, and actively invited donors and supporters to join us in lifting up needs and concerns through our digital prayer chain.

  • "Pray for the abortion minded woman we are chatting with. Pray she make's an appointment"

  • "Pray for today's busy schedule & that each ultrasound client makes it here"

  • "Baby Saved! Pray for this mama to have the support she needs from family & friends"

  • "Pray for the health of our staff"

  • "Pray regarding an important decision our board will be making this week"

By praying together in the moment, we created a sense of community and shared mission. As we united in prayer daily, we often witnessed the miraculous ways in which God answers and transformed bleak situations situations onto reasons for rejoicing. And as an unexpected bonus, giving increased!

Your center may not have a digital prayer chain but I would encourage you to engage your donors in praying for your center's needs. Maybe that looks like a once a year campaign or even a monthly prayer focus. Maybe this post will inspire you to implement your own digital prayer chain. However you decide to increase prayer support for your center, I have no the Lord will be faithful to hear and to act.

To get you started, I've shared a 30 day prayer page you can download.

30 Days of Prayer (3)
Download PDF • 2.62MB


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