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Following up with our clients is extremely important but it can be difficult to find balance between making the client feel supported and being too intrusive. Here I will provide a few steps to make your follow up process simple and effective.

Why should I follow up?

  • Following up makes the client feel valued.

  • It reminds them they aren’t alone.

  • It keeps the door open for future services.

What is the best method follow-up?

Text is the preferred method but be careful protect her confidentiality.

  • Make sure you have permission to text her

  • Use your first name but leave the center’s name out of it

  • Don’t state the reason she visited or contacted you

  • Never give medical advise or test results over text. Instead, ask for a call.

When should I follow up?

  • Within one hour of initial contact

  • After an appointment is scheduled

  • After she visits the center

  • If she misses an appointment

  • If the client has not responded to your initial contact within 12 to 24 hours


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