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Are you “Overselling”?

Updated: Feb 6

Many of the pregnancy medical centers we talk to are facing the same issue. The most sited frustration, apart from no-show clients, is getting the abortion shopper to make an appointment. While there are a number of reasons why this can be difficult, it’s almost always conversational. We need to know who our clients are and fully understand the mindset of the abortion shopper. While this article won’t comprehensively speak to that point, it may shed some light on what they are expecting and what they actually experience when they search for abortion services and get a pregnancy center.

This little scenario may put it into perspective for you:

Let’s say I am going on a two-week vacation. I splurged and have little left to hire a landscaper to mow my lawn. So, I jump on Google and search “Landscaping Near Me” I call and a pleasant man answers the phone. I explain that I will be gone from May 10th to May 21st and I need someone to mow my lawn once during that time. I also tell him I am on a tighter budget and that I am hoping it won’t cost more than $50-$60. He begins by telling me he charges a monthly fee of $225, so I "might as well get a month’s worth of services". He then proceeds to tell me that their company has add on services for weeding, mulching, power-washing, gutter cleaning, and, if I have a dog, his daughter has a side business for cleaning up doggy doo. He then asks if I would like a quote on these additional services and offers to get me on the schedule for my first mow on May 22nd.

If this happened to me, I would be completely annoyed and call the next number on the Google listing. Why? First of all, he didn’t listen to me. I told him I was on a limited budget, asked for one mow and gave him specific dates. On top of that he seemed more interested in his own agenda, making money. He “oversold me”, turned me off and lost my trust in the first 30 seconds of the call. It didn’t matter if he had the best crew & equipment, a top-notch website and 5 star review. His focus was not on his potential customer but rather on his own agenda.

It can be the same thing with our clients. When they search for the abortion pill only to be told that we can offer them an ultrasound, parenting classes and adoption referrals instead, this totally turns them off. This is the same as trying to sell them services they don’t want or feel they need. It can seem pushy or even biased and put a roadblock in her mind right from the start. However, if we can stick to answering her question and highlighting the services that are at least in line with why they called, then we are more likely to be able to book an appointment. Now, of course, we do need to let them know that we won’t be providing them with the abortion pill, but the timing in that is key, and so is the way we say it.

In this example, both of these statements essentially give the same information but say something different to the potential client’s subconscious.

Client Question: “How much is the abortion pill at your clinic and what’s the soonest I can come in?”

Typical Response: We don't offer the abortion pill. We are a pregnancy center and don't perform or refer for abortion. We can make you an appointment for a free pregnancy test, give you an ultrasound, and provide counseling on all of your options including parenting, adoption, and abortion risks. This way you have all of the information you need to make a good decision. When would you like to come in?

Modern Response: Abortion pill cost varies depending on where you go but a first trimester abortion can cost anywhere between $400-$800. We can educate you about what you can expect during and after an abortion procedure and what risks to watch out for. Our medical staff can make sure your pregnancy is properly dated through ultrasound and get you the information and resources you might need moving forward. Then if you would like we can also provide education on your other pregnancy options. All of this is free and confidential. However, since our center is only a limited medical clinic, we do not prescribe abortion medication, nor do we perform surgical procedures. Would you like to go ahead and talk over what an appointment might look like and what times might be available?

The second response will almost always be more effective in booking with the abortion shopper. Why? Because this advocate answered her question and highlighted the services that were in line with what she was looking for. It was only after she made sure the client felt heard and offered information that made the center sound valuable that she spoke of the center’s “limitations."

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