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Our Approach

Life Advancement Group is committed to creating the most cost-effective way to help pregnancy centers save lives from abortion.

Our Strategy

Our innovative modern approach to marketing, coupled with our in-depth understanding of abortion-minded women and expert advice from pregnancy center veterans, Life Advancement Group has developed some of the most effective strategies in the country. It is our dedication to modernizing the pro-life movement that and has positioned us as one of the most trusted leader in the pregnancy center movement.

Our vision extends beyond the present; we aspire to create a world where every pre-born child is given the opportunity to live and thrive. We firmly believe that through strategic collaboration with pregnancy centers and other pro-life organizations, we can transform this vision into a tangible reality.

Our Methods

At Life Advancement Group, we pride ourselves on our approach in fostering life-saving connections. It all begins with targeted Google Ads, utilizing pay-per-click strategies to ensure maximum visibility. These ads, meticulously crafted for effectiveness, guide women seamlessly to modern landing pages optimized through A/B testing for continual enhancement. 


We don't just build an exceptional campaign and leave it alone, our client success advocates maintain continual support and connection with center staff to ensure all of our campaigns achieve unparalleled success. Every step is meticulously designed to save more lives and make a lasting impact in the pro-life movement.


Google Ads Management Pay Per Click

Landing Page Creation & A/B Testing


Training to Increase Schedule/Show Rate of Abortion-Minded Patients

and much more!

Data Driven

Analyze A/B test results for all our campaigns to ensure only ads with the highest conversion rates are showcased.


Results Oriented

We focus on advertising metrics that truly matter -- converting women searching for abortion keywords online into a booked appointment at a pro-life center.


Cutting-Edge Technologies

With our search engine ads, we consistently improve our clients’ Quality Score - enabling centers to receive higher ad placement on Google for less ad spend.

Life Advancement Group

Life Advancement Group

35 W Huron Street, Suite 405

Pontiac, MI 48342

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© Copyright 2023 Life Advancement Group. Life Advancement Group is a 501 (c)(3) public charity operating in the state of Michigan. EIN 82-3381780

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