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Keeping Donors Engaged

Building and maintaining strong relationships with donors is crucial for the long-term success and growth of your center. Individual donors not only provide the bulk of your financial support, but they also battle in prayer for your center, introduce new donors to the organization and some will even become future volunteers.

Here are some simple and effective ideas to boost donor engagement.

1. Make Personal Connections:

  • Acknowledge your new donors with handwritten notes or phone calls thanking them for their partnership.

  • Invite monthly donors to tour your center or set up a time to get their questions answered.

2. Communicate Regularly:

  • Make sure your newsletter and email communications include more than just center needs. Emphasize achievements, challenges, and future plans of the center.

  • Introduce them to your team by highlighting a different staff member or volunteer each month.

3. Start a Prayer Team:

  • Share regular prayer requests for clients, staff, and center needs.

  • Provide praise reports & celebrate successes together.

  • Pray together for life issues affecting our country.

4. Host Appreciation Events:

  • Host a free pro-life movie night at a local church.

  • Offer a summer open house and barbeque.

  • Organize a seminar or workshop aimed at teaching donors how to create a culture of life at home.

5. Get Out of the Office:

  • Join in on local church, and pro-life events putting a face to the name of your center.

  • Look for opportunities to speak at your supporting churches.

6. Ask for Feedback:

  • Create a poll and let donors vote on new wall colors, potential speakers for an event and more.

  • Give supporters a voice to let you know if things at your last event went smoothly.


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