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Is your Center in need of a reboot?

A reboot is defined as a fresh start; a do-over. Every center encounters moments that call for rejuvenation and new vision. Whether your center is stagnant and surviving or growing and thriving, these simple yet effective strategies will help you to create a strategic plan for revival in your organization and will give you the ability to track success along the way.

  1. Assess the Current State of Things: Take the time to carefully evaluate different aspects of the center. This evaluation should be objective, so consider doing it discreetly to avoid undue influence from external opinions.

  2. Develop a Clear Plan: Formulate a step-by-step plan based on your assessment. Prioritize the areas that need improvement and set achievable goals. Divide tasks into manageable portions, making it easier for your team to focus on specific areas.

  3. Communicate with Passion and Clarity: When sharing the center's reboot vision, convey it with enthusiasm and passion. Let your excitement for the positive changes ahead be contagious. Use clear and straightforward language to ensure that everyone understands the goals, objectives, and expected outcomes.

  4. Engage the Right People: Recruit individuals with specific skills and expertise in the areas that need improvement. Articulate how each individual's contributions will play a vital role in achieving the shared vision, fostering a sense of purpose and collective ownership.

  5. Be Prepared for Challenges: During the process of rebooting, you may encounter resistance or obstacles. Be prepared to address these challenges with prayer, determination, and resilience. Adapt the plan if needed and keep focused on the ultimate goal not the small details.

  6. Seek Support and Collaboration: Reach out to others who may have faced similar challenges and overcame them. Share experiences, seek advice, and learn from each other. Collaboration can lead to innovative solutions and stronger support networks.

  7. Regularly Share Progress Reports: Keep your volunteers and supporters engaged and informed by providing regular progress reports on the center's reboot initiatives. Establish a consistent schedule for updates, whether it's monthly, quarterly, or at specific milestones. Use these reports to highlight achievements, address challenges, and outline the next steps in the reboot process. Transparently sharing progress fosters trust, accountability, and confidence among staff, volunteers, donors, and other supporters, ensuring everyone remains invested in the center's success.

Remember change takes time and effort, but with dedication and the right approach, your center can experience a successful reboot and a brighter future. Download this Center Assessment tool to get started.

Center Assessment Tool (1)
Download PDF • 156KB


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