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How well do you know your average client's culture?

Most of the clients walking through the doors of a pregnancy center are between the ages of 17 & 25. These clients would be considered Gen Z. They were born 1997-2012 In order to connect with them in the way that they would be most comfortable, it’s important to know how they best communicate and function in society. It's also of great value to seek to understand their culture and love them for it!

They have been surrounded by tech since birth. They are uncomfortable without it.​ Eye catching, interactive, multi-media is a essential.

They expect on demand communication, information, and social experiences. Netflix, Google, Amazon & social media has shaped their life. We need to be available when they reach out. This is why after hours webchat & texting is important. *If you are a LAG partner, the LifeLead app is a gamechanger!

They have a short attention span. Our ability to be professional, clear & concise is of utmost importance. Having information in small bits and using multiple forms of media is key to their learning.

They are inclusive. This is not a judgmental bunch. All types & all personalities deserve love. They grasp this better than any other generation, though it’s to their detriment at times. They need to see us portraying the same kind of unconditional love and acceptance.

They are self-reliant. They have no need to get information from us; they have it at their finger-tips. What they need is dialog to sort through it and decide what they want to believe.

They have more worries and anxiety than any other generation in history. This is due to the over abundance of information and media being poured over them minute by minute. We need to help them slow their minds and focus on what is in front of them.

They are unconvinced. This generation sees less value in faith & organized religion than any other. This is why friendship evangelism works best with this generation. We as people of faith must first prove ourselves. They will know and trust us through our Christlike love and tangible action first. Words come later.


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