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First Impressions Matter More than You Think

First impressions really do matter. What your client sees, hears and experiences will subconsciously affect her and her opinion of your center. It will tell her whether you are able to help and if you are trustworthy. Here are four impressions we make and why they matter.

  1. Advertising: Are you easy to find? Is your website, google ads, and google maps information up to date? Do they speak to or turn off those who are shopping for abortion? Modern, clean, eye-catching designs are important. This will instill confidence in the client that we “get” where she is coming from and have the most up to date information to share. Furthermore, your ads and web page should have clean, concise information about who you are and how you can help right out front. Too much information about parenting classes, bible study and baby supplies will turn off an abortion minded woman when it’s on the home page. Better to place that information on subsequent page.

  2. First contact: Did she get an almost immediate response upon reaching out? Are you available in the way she is most comfortable conversing? If not, by the time you return her call on Monday she will have moved on. For many desperate women, not getting a response from the webchat will send her back to the search engine and you better believe it that PP has someone who will answer her right away.

  3. Aesthetics: What does the signage and outside of your building say to the client? When she opens your front door, how is your lobby decorated? Is it clean and well kept? Or is it cluttered, busy and decorated like her grandma’s house? (BTW, her grandma is 55-70!) Does your office smell like yesterday’s Indian food or does it smell clean? Calm, neutral colors, modern décor and light airy scents say more to a client than you think. Pay attention when you visit new places and how the ambiance in that space makes you feel.

  4. Welcome: Are you ready to greet her as she enters the door or are you distracted? Are you well dressed & kept or disheveled? Do you look her in the eye and greet her professionally? Do you seem busy & rushed or are you readily able to offer her all the help and time she needs? All these things speak to her impression about if you are a reputable, trustworthy helper. If she trusts you, she will be more peaceful about opening up and more likely to absorb all the important things you have to say.

Your attention to these four categories will set you up for success!


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