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Help Them Save Her

Pregnancy centers need your help reaching women searching for abortion online. 

Your monthly donation will connect abortion-minded women to a local pro-life pregnancy center for loving support, resources, and an ultrasound at no cost. 

Our Impact

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Abortion-related online searches reached by our ads.


Women considering abortion that we have directed to pro-life pregnancy centers.


Women who have chosen life for their baby.

 woman looking at pregnancy test
Jason and Rosa's Story

A couple convinced that abortion was their only option found one of our partner pregnancy centers through our digital advertising...

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Save a Life Today

 $35 will connect one woman searching for an abortion online with a pro-life pregnancy center in her area.

If we don't reach her, the abortion industry will.

What will you give to help save her and her baby before it's too late?

"We are incredibly thankful to Life Advancement Group for giving us a direct opportunity to make a real impact. It's truly humbling to see how our donation helps them reach more women, linking them with vital resources, and ultimately saving precious lives from abortion. It's an absolute privilege to be a part of of a movement that encourages hope, compassion, and a collective commitment to cherishing every life."

~ Trevor and Christin Shakiba

Move the Culture at Your Church

Making abortion unthinkable in America starts within the transformation of hearts and minds within our church community. Together, we are shaping a culture that cherishes every preborn life.

Life-Saving Stories

Abby had just taken a pregnancy test and was in shock. She and her fiance were careful to watch her cycle and she even had taken Plan B, the morning-after pill, just in case...

Get Connected

From a Pregnancy Center?

According to a national survey, Google is the leading source for clients seeking abortion-related information, making up 63% of all traffic to pregnancy centers. Let us help you reach them!

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